Graphic Design Trends 2019 Infographic Template

Graphic Design Trends Infographic Template

Customize this Graphic Design Trends Infographic Template for a vibrant and modern design!

Whether you're designing an infographic for something brand new, or repurposing your evergreen content, get started with this Graphic Design Trends Infographic Template! The infographic template is the perfect choice for an in-depth, captivating infographic design. Plus, it has graphic design trends that you can follow as you're editing! We sure like to make things easy for you, don't we? You can apply a unique color palette to start, and then find the perfect stock photos directly in our editor. Don't worry about their sizes or cropping them somewhere else. Use the image frame widget to easily resize them - in squares, circles and other shapes. You can always throw in a few icons to help emphasize your points, direct readers' attention, and for that 'professional designer touch'. You'll be done before your second coffee! In just a few steps, you'll have the perfect infographic to rock the competition, get those social media mentions and grow your online following. Don't forget to check out Venngage's infographic library for even more outstanding templates and design inspiration for all your upcoming content!